And like everything that is magical, it goes beyond the reach of ordinary minds; therefore making it kind of difficult to comprehend. But for those who have succeeded in surrendering themselves to the beautiful mysteries of life, art is the truth that infects the mind with wonder and amazement. Here EDWIN USOBOH bring you some of the top Art-Gallery in Lagos.

Nike Art Gallery
Owned by popular Nigerian artist, Nike Davies Okundaye, the Nike art gallery is located at 2, Elegushi Rd, Ikate 2nd Round-about, Epe Expressway, Lagos and is one of the top art galleries in Lagos. The four storey building is filled with over 8,000 works from foreign and traditional Nigerian artists. Arguably one of the largest in West Africa. There’s also a small café in the gallery where you can get nice drinks.

Terra Kulture
Terra Kulture was established in 2004 by respected entrepreneur and art connoisseur, Bolanle Austen-Peters to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian Languages, Arts and Culture. Terra Kulture has become a top choice for those who seek recreational immersion in definitive Nigerian cultural experience.

Located in the heart of Victoria Island’s buzzing business district, Terra Kulture comprises of an art gallery, food lounge, a theatre and an arts shop where books and African themed items are sold

Omenka art gallery
Omenka gallery reflects fine architecture and art evident in everyday structures. This leading art gallery in Nigeria has a fine selection of established and emerging contemporary Nigerian and international artists working with diverse artistic media. Located at 24, Modupe Alakija Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos, within the home of celebrated Nigerian artist, Ben Enwonwu which is not much of a surprise as the gallery itself is owned by the legend’s son –Oliver Enwowu. You can be sure to find lots of art works from one of the fathers of arts in Nigeria and this adds to the historical and cultural significance of the gallery.

Red door gallery
Located on 51 Bishop Oluwole St, Victoria Island.  Red door gallery was founded based on the belief that art is the ultimate form of expression of man’s deepest thoughts and that displayed artworks strive to provide insight into the mind of its creators. The gallery is painted white and it has a significantly marked red door which might be one of the reasons it’s called Red Door gallery.

Signature beyond art gallery
Signature art gallery was established in 1992 to cater for the preservation and promotion of African art. Since then, they have gradually expanded the chain to include furniture, accessories, architectural and interior designs. However, the gallery still remains a goldmine for exceptional works of art, art installations and sculpture. It is located at 107, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. The gallery plays host to private shows and exhibitions, which promote both young and established artists.

Art Twenty One
This is a 600sqm space and platform dedicated to contemporary art in Lagos, Nigeria. Located at the 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Kuramo Waters, Victoria Island, within the upscale of Eko Hotel and Suites, Art Twenty One is one of Lagos’ newest art galleries. Currently managed by Caline Chagoury, Art Twenty One aims at contributing to and solidify the growing art scene in Lagos, as well as position the city as a major force in the international art world

Nimbus Gallery
Nimbus is nestled above the Bogobiri Art House and boasts of an exclusive terrace for weekly art exhibitions. Probably one of the best art galleries in Nigeria, It is a great place to explore modern art while enjoying a cold drink in the unusual ambience of the atmosphere. The entire building comprises an art gallery, outdoor restaurant and a live music stage which attracts talented artists and musicians from all over the world.

ReLe Gallery
Located at Lagos Island, Rele Gallery is in the heart of some of Nigeria’s prominent art houses including the National Museum. The sophistication and youthful style of this gallery ensures that it is ever buzzing with young and vibrant art lovers. Rele provides an extraordinary, unconventional, contemporary art space with first-rate African art for public consumption. The art on display is constantly helping to redefine art and push forward existing boundaries.

Osh Gallery
Established in 2013, Osh is a privately owned art gallery in Lagos located at Herbert Macauley road, Yaba. There is a cafe and a work space for artists to work.
If you’re an art enthusiast who has adrenalin rush at the thought of having topical discussions on art, Osh is calling you.

Mydrim Gallery

Mydrim Gallery was established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1992. The gallery located at 74B Norman Williams Street Ikoyi, just off the busy Awolowo Road, seeks to focus on the wealth, beauty and message through the displayed works. Art collectors have developed a discerning eye for high quality works of art which can be found there and as such many come to feed their eyes and imagination. The gallery continues to promote and showcase the expression of fresh talents in every artwork.


Thought Pyramid Gallery

Thought Pyramid Gallery is an “alternative gallery” with a mission to find and maintain a common ground for the traditional and commercial worlds of art in Nigeria and actively contribute to the global art movement. Thought Pyramid showcases and celebrates African modern and contemporary art.

Hourglass Gallery

The works of 51 Nigerian and Ghanaian artists are presently featured at the Hourglass Gallery. Periodically, it showcases and promotes the latest works of these artists. Hourglass Gallery is one of the most reputable locations for art lovers to appreciate and buy art.

Yusuf Grillo Art Gallery

Located within one of Nigeria’s foremost schools of arts, Yaba College of Technology, the gallery is a memorial to Yusuf Grillo, a Nigerian artist known for his unusual painting style and whose signature is the colour blue, which is used prominently in his all works. The gallery not only holds exhibitions for the talented students that populate the school, it also hosts exhibitions for master artists and provides a space where upcoming talents are nurtured.

Signature Beyond Art Gallery

Dedicated to promoting African art, the gallery offers more than just a space for traditional arts, they also have displays of artsy furniture and home accessories. Signature Beyond also offer installations and sculptures. Established in 1992, the gallery attracts an older crowd but they hold private exhibitions of contemporary art for young African artists. Located at Aboyade Cole St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The National Museum
The oldest art gallery in Lagos, holds artifacts from pre-independence. Although the museum hasn’t really been updated, it’s your go-to place to learn all about Nigeria. It is located in Onikan, Lagos.

Art Base Africa

Art Base Africa is a virtual space to discover and learn about contemporary African Art. ABA’s objective is to be a central, active knowledge hub in the growing art community, highlighting the young artistic scene in Africa and the Diaspora. It includes a website and online journal that is published in quarterly thematic issues and features all those artists, galleries, museum and exhibitions who are active and relevant in the contemporary African artistic scene

Awizzy Online Art Gallery
Awizzy is an online Art gallery set up to meet the quest of Art lovers that are busy to visit art galleries but will rather search online for art gallery that can deliver a masterpiece to their door steps or offices. Awizzy Art gallery deals on all art piece ranging from paintings, portrait paintings, drawings, pencil works, sculptures and graphics etc. Awizzy’s physical presence is at Block 72, Plot 29A Victoria Arobieke Street, Opposite Lekki British High School, Off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1.

Quintessence Gallery

Perhaps, Quintessence Gallery is the most exclusive department store and gallery offering a wide range of authentic arts, crafts, textiles and furnishing located in Lekki, Lagos. Buy books, art, fashion, furniture, music and magazines or enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine.

Abstract Stroke Gallery

Abstract Strokes Gallery is an artistic home, where you can get the best and original art painting and other art materials. If you love paintings, you’ll get your fill at Abstract Strokes gallery. Situated in the Lekki environs, its perfect for the afternoon of browsing through craft pieces. Abstract Strokes Gallery has an array of art pieces to satisfy even the most ardent art lover. Featuring local contemporary art, it gives an insight into the life of the everyday Nigerian.

Biodun Omolayo Art Gallery

Biodun Omolayo’s art gallery is a manifestation of desire and creativity. It recognizes and features works from African artists in Nigeria and also in the disapora. The gallery acts as an arena to passing and sharing of good news around the world. Located at the national museum in Onikan, Lagos is one of Nigeria’s finest and valued galleries in Nigeria.

Eddy Art Studio
Eddy Art Studio gallery provides art valuation, advisory and auctioneering services and a contemporary space and terrace for hiring of weekly art exhibitions. A place where Modern, contemporary and vintage arts are found. Located at Elegushi Art Market, Jakande Estate, Lagos.

Habitude Gallery

Habitude Gallery is located within a working art gallery. Rotating art exhibits visually transform the space each season. Stimulated creatively and exposed to rejuvenating and fresh art! As you wander from gallery to gallery, you’ll discover distinctive art, funky furnishings, and uncommon gifts at Habitude Gallery. Located at the ever busy Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos

Jabi Art Gallery
Jabi Art Gallery located at Alimosho, Lagos, offers recreational services, giving art lovers the chance to view talented artworks and designs that are appealing to the senses. If you are a lover of art, Jabi Art Gallery is the place to visit and relax with you partner at the weekend.

Kolawole Art Gallery
Located in heart of Shomolu, Lagos. Kolawole Art Gallery bustles with various art works, where it houses the creativity of talented African artistes. It also specializes in exhibitions as well as selling of African articrafts, art paintings and handicrafts.

Ovuomaroro Gallery

Ovuomaroro Gallery captures the imagination of local and international contemporary artists, trapped in their works, for the pleasure of your perusal. The gallery features the contemporary art from various artists, whose pieces have been described as inspiring and thought provoking. Ovuomaroro Gallery is located at Papa-Ajao, Mushin, Lagos.

Strip of Gaza Gallery
Strip Of Gaza Gallery is located in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Named after troubled Middle Eastern region in the Palestines, Strip of Gaza opens your mind to the world with thought provoking art pieces, carefully curated, and beautifully organised. Strip of Gaza offers a simple serene environment, with sculptures, paintings and artifacts on display.

Treasure House Fine Arts Gallery

Treasurehouse Fine Arts Gallery is an art gallery that has been present for years showcasing art masterpieces to art lovers and enthusiasts. The gallery, located in Ikoyi, Lagos has been a popular spot for art-lovers and artists as they troop in yearly to come and showcase or buy artwork. Nice sculptures and there is always an interesting history to every work.

Truview Art Gallery

Truview Gallery showcases the best of African and international art, passing on information of our rich and celebrated culture through the generations with various selections of African and contemporary art and sculptures. Located at Onikan, Lagos

Watersworth Gallery

Watersworth Gallery is a haven for artists and art lovers. Located in the posh area of Lagos, the gallery offers art lovers innovative, creative and original artwork being done by professional and upcoming artists in the country.

Wonder Arts Gallery

Wonder Arts Gallery give the best of pencil protraits, replicating exactly what we are given to represent, only this time with an artistic edge. Providing a space for emerging creative practices, through innovative approaches to diverse and inclusive community engagement. Located at Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos.

Tribes Art Africa

If you’e in Lekki and would like to experience a bit of the cultural side of the South-West, then you should pay Tribes Art Africa a visit. Every art lover finds solace in the midst of art pieces, so you’ll be sure to find yourself at home at Tribes Art Africa. Explore the cultural side of the city, and be sure to take home a souvenir too! And also get a gift for a friend or loved one who has artistic interests at Tribes Art Africa.

Mydrim Gallery

Mydrim Art Gallery displays art ranging from every day life in Africa, portraits, abstracts and stylized mixed media paintings. There are some sculptures on display in the gallery also. Mydrim Art Gallery also host exhibitions frequently. The gallery is located at Norman Williams Street, S.W. , Ikoyi, Lagos-State

Harmattan Gallery

Many of Harmattan Gallery seems to suggest, fascination for urban beauty, culture and his heritage. Themes connected to the celebration of feminity, like fragmented Headgear, Dancing in the Sun and, Party Time, are explored in his work. His piece New Mode of Transport, Oshodi, Hustle and Bustle show how good governance has changed the face of transportation in the city of Lagos, over the last couple of years. Located at the ever-busy Elsie Femi Pearse, Victoria Island.

Nkem Gallery

Located at UPDC Lekki Estate, Victoria Island. You can enjoy diverse art pieces that cut across the many genres at Nkem Gallery. Boasting of contemporary pieces from prominent artists, Nkem Gallery welcomes all those who wish to peruse through its collection.

Signature Beyond Art gallery

This was established in 1992 to cater for the framing and promotion of African art. A place where art lovers and enthusiasts come to view, feel, connect and buy original art works, Signature Art has been a major force promoting the art culture in West Africa.

Tents Gallery

A neutral ground for artists and their patrons to meet, openly discuss and contract art works, it has attracted people from the local and international scene. It is a nirvana of sorts where art lovers, upcoming artists and theatre performers congregate to share their passion. Located in the heart of Lagos Akerele Street, Ajegunle, Surulere.

Kongi’s Harvest Art Gallery

Named after the iconic literary piece by world-renowned Nobel Laurete, Wole Soyinka, features artifacts from around the world and also from Wole Soyinka himself. The Kongi’s Harvest Art gallery is the new exhibition gallery built by the Lagos state government at the Freedom Park where artifacts and artworks collections by Nobel Laureate, will be housed, and will also feature works of other contemporary artists. The building itself has a certain aesthetic appeal, especially at night when the lights come on, when it is bathed in a beautiful glow.

Henrimoweta African Art Gallery

Satisfy your inner cravings for the fine arts at Henrimoweta Art Gallery. Situated in the central location of Ikeja, it is easily accessible while taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Explore the artsy side of Lagos at Henrimoweta gallery, showcasing art influenced by the African culture. With paintings, sculptures and various other items on display.

Framemaster Gallery
If you’re in the business district of Victoria Island, and wish to pass away time before your next meeting, or you’re an ardent art lover then you should consider visiting Framemaster art gallery. Framemaster features the quality visual art pieces, with an array of paintings and sculptures. Whatever your niche, Framemaster has your poison.

Didi Museum

This was built in 11 May 1893. It is notable as a museum to experience Nigerian work of arts. Didi Museum is the first private non-profit museum in Nigeria, opens its doors for you to see Nigeria through its works of paintings, sculpture and bronze statues from different eras. This is a place to appreciate art works and artists.

Wangboye’s Art Gallery

Wangboye’s Art Gallery, Ikoyi is a place where you can revel in brilliant art work of famous and upcoming artists in the country. Located in a serene environment, the ambience is unique. The well-built building depicts a place where art abounds.

Baroyet Art Studio and Gallery

Baroyet Art Studio and Gallery features exhibitions of ethnic Nigerian art, inspired by the African roots and shows the diversity of the Nigerian artist. It showcases and exhibits works in the fields of metal embossment, drawing, painting, textile designing, and bead jewelry making. Artists, students, art lovers are among the most common visitors.

Credit: Lagos Quarterly