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In the city of Lagos, there is never a dull moment, its a busy city and one with all the aftermath of the hustle and bustle of city life hence, a lot of stress associated with daily living to make ends meet.

With over 20 (twenty) radio stations attending to the entertainment, news,political,business etc. needs of the populace, no other city in Nigeria can boast of such amount of radio stations transmitting daily, to all areas and needs of lagosians and all alike, we got round to speaking to one of those OAP (On air personality) and he told us what he loves about the city and his thoughts on life generally.

This talented OAP is also into comedy and a cartoonist.


Excerpts below:-

Q: Kindly tell us about you, work, your background and real name?
A: My name is EREM EMEKA KALU popularly known as AJEBO, I am a comedian, cartoonist, and on air personality with Naija-fm102.7, from Abia state and  grew up in Surulere, Lagos state

Q: Why comedy, and not a desk job?
A: Beyond paying well, comedy is my passion, my career, my life

Q: What would you consider as the best moment of your life while residing in Lagos?
A: Every time i shut down an event.

Q: What would you consider the worse moment of your life while residing in Lagos?
A: i know how to convert bad situations to my favor.

Q: How do you unwind?
A: Hang out with friends, gist, eat and drink.

Q: Your favorite Lagos Delicacy and why?
A: Afang soup ooooo!!

Q: Your favorite hangout, in Lagos state?
A: i don’t have a favorite per say, i like the local Nkwobi and Isi-ewu, sometimes you get tired of one spot and just want to try something new.

Q: You live in Lagos, which part of Lagos and why choose to stay there?
A: Lekki. The environment is more serene. There are little or no Agbero activities. You leave and come home in peace, also relatively more secure and proper area to network with clients and colleagues.

Q: What positive sides of Lagos can you highlight?
A: Peaceful place, fun to be in and night life is great.
Q: Best hotel you have stayed in Lagos?
A: Intercontinental hotel.

Q: Your vision for Lagos state, in the next 5 years?
A: A city of opportunities for all. Nigeria’s New York

Q: Who is a lagosian, in your own words and definition?
A: Someone who lives, works and loves Lagos

Q: What areas, in development do you think the state Govt. Should work on?
A: The mainland

Q: Kindly tell us your best Lagos quote? ( e.g. Eko o ni baje, Eko for show etc)?
A: Eko oni baje o

Q: Your twitter handle?
A: @ajebodcomedian


Some videos from his comedy, cartoon skits…