The single life can be tiring.

Especially if you’re the only single one in your squad.  But don’t worry! If you’re really serious about finding bae before 2018 is over, here are some places you might not have thought of, it’s not everyone who meets their partner at the movies and the mall.

1. The Lekki Ikoyi bridge

This bridge is one of the finest spots in Lagos, and if you go jogging on the bridge you might just come across the love of your life like Tiwalade of ‘Skinny Girl in Transit.’

Image: Instagram/Lekkiikoyibridge

2. Lagos traffic

Lagos traffic is always extra annoying, but who knows, you might wind down and lock eyes with your soulmate. Next time in traffic, talk to the fine boy/girl in the car beside you, you never know.


3. In the banking halls

Going to the bank can be such a chore, but the person you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with might be the boy/girl that asked for your pen.

Banking hall



4. ATM queues

Next time you have to use the ATM and there’s a queue, instead of getting annoyed, strike up a conversation with someone on the queue who looks interesting and maybe exchange contact details, you never know what could come out of it.


5. Danfo

Don’t knock humble beginnings, because someone is in a danfo doesn’t mean the person has no potential. Keep an open mind and be friendly.

6. Suya spot

A lot of people love suya, and who knows, you just might meet someone interesting at your favourite mallam’s suya spot.

Suya seller


7. Buka

I feel like it’s best to meet someone when you’re in your natural state and not putting up any airs. When next you’re digging into your amala and tearing that pomo, be sure to see if there’s anyone who you’re interested in talking to.

Image: NairaLand


You never know when cupid’s bow might hit! Seize the bae!

Credit: Barakat Sheriff