The Westwood Hotel Ikoyi has a rich history. The first multi-storey building in the whole of West Africa, a landmark of remarkable reputation, the building, or Ile gogoro (Yoruba for ‘very tall house’) as it is fondly called by indigenes, was originally built for the renowned politician and orator, Samuel Akintola in 1959/1960. A residential block of 20 flats located on Awolowo Road in south west Ikoyi, it was built at the dawn of our independence, at a time when Akintola and Obafemi Awolowo, a renowned nationalist and statesman, were at the helm of affairs. These two titans, their political partnership and subsequent feud, form some of the richest moments of our young nation’s short history. As far as ‘’ ghost stories’’ go, according to legend, Awolowo cursed Akintola because he had occupied a seat of power for longer than necessary. Now, nobody knows how efficient his cursing skills were, but rumour has it that the curse was the reason Samuel Akintola died young. In that golden era though, the Ile gogoro flourished. Nestled at the mouth of Cowrie Creek, and with all the life around it, it is indeed without doubt the heart of the city.

After the deaths of Akintola and Awolowo, the building continued to flourish, housing the great and the good of Lagos. It wasn’t until the year 2006, in a conversation between a father and his son, that the idea to turn the building into a hotel was hatched. Meetings, hurdles, renovations and years later, Westwood Hotel Ikoyi was born. The Westwood Hotel is an embodiment of our rich history and our vibrant and effervescent present. The hotel will engage all of your five senses: of sight… the amazing view surrounding us, our well-lit halls and rooms, the smiles of happy staff, the beautiful moments you are sure to have, the art of smell… the fresh air, the aroma of the uniquely Westwood Ikoyi cuisine, our scented atmosphere of touch… the feel of our soft sheets and towels, your skin is soaking up the sun on our upper and lower deck terraces overlooking the creek, cool water on your skin as you swim in our pool.
Of taste… a glass of wine from our wine collection, the burst of flavours on your tongue as you sample our chef specials, rich cup of coffee in the lobby.

Of hearing… the sound of your own laughter as you flourish in our environment, music playing softly from our overhead speakers, the whoosh of water as it fills your clean bathtub, the sound of your heart beating as you take a boat ride on the creek… on every corner you turn, we are right there waiting to receive you. Lots of fun, positivity, energy… we are ever fresh!

Whether you are walking along the hallways, lounging on the terrace, or just enjoying the lovely view of the Creek, it is almost impossible not to imagine Awolowo and Akintola smiling down at you, wherever they may be. Besides the engaging environment that we offer, we are the best cocktail ever: Nigerian Hospitality with a twist of je ne sais quoi. History and culture, fun and innovation… we definitely are here to stay.

Proudly Nigeria and undeniably individual, The Westwood Hotel Ikoyi is the hotel of the people.




Welcome to The Westwood Hotel,Lagos



Address-22,Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos