We had a chat with a young entrepreneur with a trending youthful brand called “ICONOB“and he gave us his reason for loving Lagos. As we look to make the city great.


See excerpt below-

1. Kindly tell us about you,work,your background and real name?

My name is Igata Conleth Obike.
I’m from Enugu state. I’m a graduate of Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
I’m in the fashion business.

2. Why fashion and an entrepreneur ,and not a desk job?

It actually started out as just art. Pencil sketches, comics and all. Then I thought about expressing my art on clothes and it evolved from there.
Sitting in an office has never been my thing. Lol.. I’ve tried it.

3. What would you consider as the best moment of your life?

There have been quite a number of awesome moments but I’ll say the first time I got paid for my “handwork”. I made a pencil portrait of someone and got paid 700 naira. Lol.. I was 17.

4. What would you consider the worse moment of your life?

2 moments. Loosing both parents.

5. How do you unwind?

Mostly in my house. Music, work on new designs, drink.

6. Your favorite Lagos Delicacy and why?

There’s this woman who sells roasted yam, plantain and kpomo around ojuelegba. I don’t know if that’s a Lagos delicacy, but mehn!!! Amazing…and you have to eat with your hands. I think that’s what I like the most.

7. Your favorite hang out,in Lagos state?

Haven’t been to many but I was at pub1 restaurant and bar at ikeja recently. I like the ambience. Cool place.

8. You live in lagos,which part of lagos and why choose to stay there?

Festac town. Grew up there.

9. What positive sides of Lagos can you highlight?

There’s a market for virtually anything.

10. Best hotel you have stayed in Lagos?

Don’t do hotels much. Lodged at City Point one time, though. Not bad.

11. Your vision for lagos state,in the next 5 years?

The commercial hub of Africa, at least.

12. Who is a lagosian,in your own words and definition?

First of all, those who have their roots here. Then anyone who understands how the city works, basically.

13. What areas,in development do you think the state Govt. Should work on?

Transportation. Roads. Especially badagry expressway. Smh..
I’ve know that road for about 2 decades, it’s deteriorating by the day.

14. Kindly tell us your best lagos quote( e.g. Eko o ni baje,Eko for show etc)?


Here are some of his products, as we found out that he has gotten talent…


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