La Campagne Tropicana is a beach resort located on the outskirts of Lagos. It is about an hours drive fom Aja along the Lekki Epe expressway. Although the drive can feel rather long, it is indeed worth it. Experience the escape from the city to a sand covered beach surrounded by clean waters.

There is complementary palm wine available outside the reception while you wait for a shuttle to arrive.The shuttle takes you along a very short path (about two minutes walk) to where the fun begins.There are array of activities available which include Volleyball (ball not provided) and Canoeing. You are allowed to take your own food in but if you choose not to there is food available for purchase at the resort.

The DJ is always playing music and we love that the signs at Tropicana are in Yoruba. The environment is extremely clean as you will be hard-pressed to find litter on the ground. Most importantly La Campagne Tropicana stays true to the Nigerian culture.