Hausa community performing Durban at Agege,Lagos

Lagos State! The Great Lagos of great mystery, myth and mirth! Lagos with the infinite capacity to suck, make and mar. So Lagos State is 50 this year. We salute Lagos State; we salute Lagosians too, particularly the aborigines. We salute them for their accommodating and warm spirit of welcome. Which other city is like Lagos in Nigeria? None; as far as I know. As we know, Lagos pre-dates Lagos State both in reputation and origins. Yet today, Lagos State is the womb and mother of the ancient Lagos. The young, now a surrogate mother to the ancient city of Eko!
A poet-friend once used the metaphor of a fading beautiful whore to capture the life and times of our dear Lagos. I disagreed with him; and I still do. Lagos may house a legion of commercial sex workers (characteristic of mega-cities) yet it cannot be properly described as a rotten city. Besides, Lagos is not a city of past glory; it is a city of great potentials. If the spirit that governs the city of Lagos had been dominant in Nigeria, the country would have been light years ahead of other African nations. Although Lagos is ‘younger’ than the Nigerian State, it is more mature, more daring, more ambitious and therefore more successful. There are many stories of persons who came to Lagos from other states and ethnic groups, with a nylon bag as their only possession who have now become landlords and successful billionaire businessmen.
The spirit of Lagos is the true spirit of development. Lagos is an example of a city that has opened its borders and potentials to anyone who cares to hustle, scramble or work hard in order to strike the proverbial gold. It is a city that has opened its government, business opportunities, education, and property development to anybody who is ready to do business. To be sure, we do not speak of tokenism; we refer to a way of life that has naturally and later structurally evolved. The rulers of Lagos recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the city. Although a Lagos monarch once referred to certain persons in relation to the Lagoon waters during the electioneering, we know that is not the spirit of the true Lagos.