Naturally, people have different reasons for going to different markets in Lagos. In Lagos, there are many big markets where people can buy their goods at relatively good prices as well as get quality items. It’s not just about shopping, it’s more than just buying or selling when you visit a market in
Nigeria. It is about the people, the bargain, the reactions. Sometimes, it’s just so fun to go to the market, I mean big markets. If you have never experienced adventure in Lagos markets before, then you need to visit one of these markets.Nothing beats the spirit of Lagosians and the Lagos Markets.

Alaba international market


Alaba International Market (Electronics) is located along Badagry Expressway, Ojo Alaba in Lagos. You will find the largest cluster of importers and dealers
on electronics, electrical, consumer and industrial goods. This is one market manufacturers around the world jostle to ensure that their brands are represented. It is said that more than two million people transact business in this market on a daily basis. You find gadgets such as flat screen televisions, generators, home appliances especially
refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, even Dvd sets, digital satellite dishes and decoders and many more.

Balogun Market, Lagos Island


When it comes to textiles and aso ebi, the one place you hear first is the popular Balogun market. It is the best place to get great bargains on different fabrics: laces, ankara, just name it. This
market is best explored with someone who knows the way around and understands how to bargain, so it is best you go with someone, so you don’t get cheated by the over smart sellers. It spreads across several city blocks with tons of hidden alleys on Lagos Island in the heart of Lagos.

Ladipo Market


Considered the biggest auto spare parts market in Lagos, ladipo market is located in Mushin local government area. It is often said that if you don’t see the spare part you are looking for in Ladipo market then it is not in Nigeria. People from far away places source auto spare parts from this populated market.

Mile 12 market


Known particularly for its cheap farm produce, this market is located along Ikorodu road, Lagos. For the lovers of fresh and cheap perishables, I recommend you visit this market. Be certain you will get all the food items you are searching for as far as it is grown in tropical Africa. You will find vegetables, fruits, anything related to salad, livestock and many more.

Oshodi Market


This is one hell of a Lagos market you can ever be.
It is said to be the second largest market in Nigeria.
There is never a free flow of traffic for pedestrians
and motorists up until early 2008, when things
changed with the emergence of a new governor. I
would not even advise you take a little child along
because if you are not careful, the child might get
lost. Prices of commodities in this market are also
relatively cheap.



This market is popularly known as Eko, located in the heart of Lagos island. The distinct highlight about this market is that you see massive old storey buildings. It is arguably the oldest market in Lagos and the biggest in West Africa with most of its shops been rooms converted into shops. It’s one of the biggest, holds the biggest collection of varieties in terms of textile, interior decor, jeweleries, shoes, bags, etc. If you are interested in Nollywood movies, you will find a variety of latest movies in Idumota.

Computer village


This Lagos market is known for all things tech. It is a market that deals on sales and purchase technological wares from computers to phones to
television and their accessories. You get services such as maintaining and repairing of computer, mobile phones, parts and other connected gadgets.
This market homes some of the best non-educated tech gurus.

Onyingbo (White sand)


This market is located in the mainland Yaba axis along with its sister market at Iddo. As for me I know this market to be popular for stock fish (okporoko) and crayfish. Sellers from other markets
go there to buy this things, so I guess that this is where you will find the distributors and wholesalers. When next you want to shop for crayfish and stock fish in large quantity, visit Oyingbo market to get the best price because these items are pretty expensive in other markets.

Blessing Onokpite

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