Kids Gotta have fun….

Children also have a great time in Lagos. From toddlers to teenagers, young visitors will find there are lots of interesting things to do and experience. Wherever interests lie, from the culinary arts to science, music, day trips to farms, play centres, and from visual arts and crafts to shopping, there are plenty of activities to choose from. A number of activities combine fun with learning; others just allow kids to be kids and do their own thing, ensuring that they thoroughly enjoy themselves. The arts hold a dear place in the hearts of Lagosians and children are very much included.

A number of places offer informal daily or weekend activities. With arts and crafts, children can express ideas and themselves, working with colour or art crafts such as basket weaving, all under the supervision of skilled tutors. There are also language workshops where children can learn the rudiments of any one of Nigeria’s major languages. There’s also music and dance where children have fun with ballet, ballroom dancing, hip hop etc, or even learning a musical instrument. There are also baking classes where they can express their creativity in a clean and safe environment.

Children love to play and numerous play centres around Lagos provide facilities for both indoor and outdoor play for children of all ages. Some centres offer gentle play areas for babies and toddlers within a clean and safe environment. For the older ones, there are specially organised fun days, outdoor games, 5-aside football pitches and many more. Play centres are generally a good outlet for their boundless energy and for making new friends. Some also provide a minding service, enabling the adults to pursue their interests. There are swimming pools created specifically for the children, where certified instructors are on hand, to use songs, games and other water activities to make for a special time for the entire family.