You want to get closer to the biodiversity of Nigeria and the wild life? Located on Lekki Peninsula across the street from the Chevron complex is the Lekki Conservation Center. The Peninsula consists of swamp and savannah habitats. The reserve has a 1.8km nature trail so visitors can view the reserve as they stroll through a boulevard of coconut trees.

There is a 21 metre-high tree platform known as the tree house where you can have a panoramic view of the reserve, a visitor’s centre, a picnic area and children’s playground among the trees, and a bird hide overlooking a swamp/marsh which is home to crocodiles and monitor lizards. In the trees are Mona monkeys and other species of monkeys, the open grasslands are home to bushbucks, Maxwell’s duikers, giant rats, hogs, mongooses and a remarkable variety of birdlife. Park rangers are available to guide you through the reserve. The reserve is a beauty of nature in a world class environment.