A general guide for visitors!!!!!!

At the Airport………..

  • Keep your bags and luggage within view
  • Use the locks on your bags and on all luggage
  • Very important: Do not hold, carry or watch over a parcel or bags for any stranger
  • Keep your passport, ticket and other traveling documents in a safe pace, on you
  • Use only registered agents for Domestic and or International flights and logistics
  • Avoid using touts

In the Car……….

  • If you choose to drive, have the appropriate licensing for yourself and for your vehicle
  • Obey all traffic and roads signs; if you need help or assistance, ask a policeman or any of the cream and maroon uniformed LASTMA officials
  • Fasten your seatbelts and lock your doors
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving unless you have a hands free-free kit
  • Avoid leaving exposed your valuables in the car, e.g. handbags, clothes, cell phones etc. Lock these up in the glove compartment or boot
  • Keep a detailed map of Lagos with you always and plan your route and destination clearly before setting out


  • Keep your luggage near you as you check in
  • Always store valuables such as passports etc in the safety deposit box in your room or at your Hotel’s reception
  • Leave the names of all expected guests at the Hotel reception
  • Pre-confirm the hotel room rate and the availability of funds before you check in to the hotel

On the Street………

  • Avoid exposing valuables such as jewellery, cameras, and laptops etc.
  • Carry only small amounts of cash at any given time. Use the ATM’s and debit/credit cards.
  • Like anywhere in the world, avoid isolated and badly lit areas at night.
  • Need a taxi or some other service? Enquire at your hotel information desk.

At the Beach……

  • Do not drink alcohol and swim
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes before swimming after meal
  • Look out for lifeguards and obey all regulations and safety rules at the beach
  • Avoid taking valuables to the beach with you; always leave them in the safety deposit box at the hotel
  • Take only plastic bottle drinks to the beach

Going out at Night………

  • Avoid isolated and badly lit areas
  • Always carry on you a photocopy of your visa page, passport information page or ID card
  • Obey all rules and regulations in the nightclubs
  • Enjoy your time out and remain aware of your surroundings
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a reasonable limit
  • Do not leave your drinks unattended to
  • Decline already opened drinks
  • Confirm the identity of new friends before inviting them to your hotel for a visit
  • Try to not walk alone in isolated areas
  • If you need assistance, locate a police station closest to you

In the Market……..

  • Change your foreign currency to Naira at an authorized dealer – a bank or a bureau de change, before going shopping.
  • Keep .cash safety tucked away when shopping
  • Park vehicles only at authorized locations
  • Some price bargaining is expected at markets but refrain from unnecessary arguments
  • Showing some measure of tolerance and patience can get you a better bargain.
  • Personally pick up all your purchases
  • Ask the shop owner to recommend help if you need assistance with carrying purchases.

Doing Business………..

  • Before setting out your country contact the Nigerian Embassy or High Commission, for advice on executing your business transactions in Lagos
  • Upon arrival in Nigeria, avail yourself of information and assistance from your country’s Embassy / High Commission trade or commercial office
  • Conduct adequate background checks on prospective business partners
  • Keep all documents, (original and copies ) of business transactions in a safe place
  • Make all payments through authorized banks and don’t pay transactions
  • Pay all required taxes promptly

Visiting Sites in Rural Areas………

  • Try to become familiar with the cultural protocol of the area or site you are visiting, and observe them
  • Visit traditional areas with recognized tourism operators or tour guides
  • Observe and respect protocol when visiting sacred traditional worship sites
  • Exhibit proper decorum in the presence of local dignitaries and institutions
  • Enjoy, but do not destroy Heritage sites

Going to the Islands……….

  • When hiring a boat for day trips, ensure that it is in good working order and use the services of recognized boat and jetty operators
  • Always wear a life jacket when on a boat or ferry
  • Watch your step on the jetty as you get on and alight from a boat or ferry
  • Dress appropriately for boat trips and observe the various protocols on the islands

Emergency + Vital Telephone Numbers:

  • Distress Call Hotline 767,112
  • Rapid Resource Squad (RRS) 08056250710, 08033482380, 08023127350, 08033355544, 01-7750715, 4970389, 4970062, 4031261, 4920388
  • Ambulance Services (LASAMBUS / LASEMS) 08022887777, 08022883678, 08022887788, 01-7413744, 7930490, 7639939
  • Fire And Safety Services 01-7944929, 08033235892, 08023321770, 08055282491
  • Emergency Management 08060907333, 08023127654, 01-6574706, 6574714
  • Office Of Public Defender ( Public Complaints) 01-8975571, 7926928
  • Traffic control (LASTMA) 08075005411, 08023111742, 08077551000
  • LAGBUS (Public Complaints) 08033036816
  • Environmental / Noise Pollution (LASEPA) 07027951351
  • Tax Issues (LIRS) 08033033121, 08033047270, 01-4979030-4
  • Vehicle Registration /Drivers License 08029293099
  • Fake Drugs / Narcotics Task Force 08033213799, 08034975296
  • National Food and Drugs Administration Commission ( NAFDAC) 01-4528031, 4731018
  • National Drug Law Enforcement Authority (NDLEA) 08026199999
  • Public Advice Centre 08033011052, 08056250710, 08033183477