If you are a lover of good music, books, and African artwork, the Jazzhole is a haven for you. Jazzhole Records is an independent label based at 168 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Created in the 90’s together with the Glendora Book library, it is credited as one of the best music shops and cultural centres within the country. It is an African lounge with endless Jazz and Soul, and also a place where you can read from the largest collection of good books.

They also do monthly art exhibitions showcasing the African strength in literature, music, arts, and more. At the back is a snack bar, were they have loads of different types of tea, fresh coffee, cakes and delicious sandwiches. In the evenings there is a live jazz band while the audience is scattered all over giving rise to a very cool environment.It’s a place that’s worth every minute of your time.