The National Museum was founded in 1957 by the English archaeologist Kenneth Murray. He had arrived in Nigeria in 1927 and initially worked as an art teacher. One of his students was the prolific and renowned artist Ben Enwonwu. He soon became Nigeria’s first surveyor of antiquities, and it was during his tenure that the National Museum was founded in Lagos. Amongst the rotating exhibits are included the Benin Ivories and bronzes, the Ife Bronzes and terracotta and the Nok Terracotta including works which date back to between 900 and 200 BC. It is important to note that there are no cameras allowed in the Museum.


Quick reference:

King George V Road,

Onikan, Lagos.

Tel: 01-2636005

Open weekdays from 9am – 5pm

Visitors Tip:

  • Some photography is allowed within the grounds, so take a camera