Orchid Bistro Cafe

If you haven’t heard of Orchid Bistro, then you don’t live on the Mainland or rather you probably don’t fancy fine dining.

Orchid Bistro is located on Isaac John Street in Ikeja GRA precisely on number 58. Orchid Bistro comprises a beautiful orchid garden just as the name implies and this garden includes some other exotic plants.

This beautiful scenery makes this restaurant an exciting place to go with your friends or loved ones.

Also, the restaurant has a wide array of continental and Nigerian delicacies on its menu. If you work in the vicinity and you need a place to go for your lunch break or a place to relax after a hectic day of work, Orchid Bistro an excellent option.

Another interesting part of Orchid Bistro is the alluring breakfast buffet on Sunday mornings.

Overall, this fine-dining restaurant combines its unique ambience with its excellent dining experience and when it comes to reviews, customers often recommend the café because of the unique experience.