Are you a Lagos big boy or big babe? Have you just made good and planning to move to Lagos Island from your Mainland abode? Perhaps you want a change in status and looking forward to move to Lekki, Banana Island, Victoria Garden City and many of the expensive estates in an area considered to as the Beverly Hills of Lagos. As you plan to relocate, a few tips can help you make up your mind.

Lekki Peninsular in Lagos Island has some of the most expensive apartments in the world


1.Power: It is true that inadequate power supply is a major issue in Lagos. But it can be very bad in Lekki. Some areas in Lagos enjoy more electricity than the French Riviera of Lagos. Well, you may say you will augment with generator, but the cost of servicing the fuel and buying diesel or fuel is thrice than what you will spend on the Mainland.

2.Tolls: Moving to Lekki also meant paying tolls. Daily commute on the Lekki-Epe Expressway and the Ikoyi link bridge mean that you have to spend more. By the end of his first month, as a family man or woman you could spend up to N20,000 just for paying told monthly on tolls.

3. School Fees: The private schools on the Island are some of the most expensive you can find in part of Lagos. Parents pay as much one million or more per session in some of the highbrows schools of Lekki. Even the middle level schools charge exorbitantly. But does expensive fees translates to good and quality education?

4. Security: Security in Lagos is pretty much challenging no matter where you live. However, living on the island typically attracts a higher security cost. The guards at your house will likely cost more. You also contribute regularly to estate or community security. It is also likely that you spend some money on security systems for your homes and properties as is typically the case in highbrow areas. These things can be very expensive.


5. Rent & Fees: Rent in any part of the Island are very prohibitive, even for low income earners. A flat in lekki can cost as much as 1.500 million and as low as 800,000 depending on the location. Even for a room or self-contained apartment, rent is very expensive.

6. Nature: Flooding is a constant threat for the people on the Island. For people living in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and Ajah, flood is a major headache. So if you are planning to move, you must take into consideration that you may experience flooding when it rains.

7. Utilities: Electricity bills, water, refuse disposal, supermarkets, salons etc. all cost a lot more on the island. Things often cost slightly higher on the Island than on the mainland, largely due to the perception that those who live on the island are richer than most people who live on the mainland. So if you are moving to Island, then you must be ready to pay more for your status change.